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How To Make Custom T Shirt

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Make You Favorite Custom T Shirt

easy explanation on how to make custom T shirt 

How To Make Custom T Shirt
How To Make Custom T Shirt

Designing your custom t-shirts

There are different  ways to design your favorite  ,for example studio canva.

 Studio definition

It is an easy  platform for creating  your own designs and customizing a prefect custom t shirt  different from complicated webs, Studio removes all the issues from your creative design , at the same time providing free templates as a starting point for your creative style.

Studio usages

1. select  a template:

Find custom t shirts free templates

You can find  collections of  of free custom t shirt templates. Choose  a design for birthday , company , sports , family , love . you’ll find a Studio template that’s the great starting point for your design.

2 Template editing:

Edit a custom t shirt template online for free

It  is easy process just  edit new text or elements, dragging them into place, choose  color, it’s all done in a few minutes  .when you are, keep in mind a few key points to ensure your design looks nice, including:

The right matching  of colors. It’s not about how many colors you want to add  into your design, but the way to which they match. You can find some research on how colors would be matching specific style .

Text is often very  noticeable  in a design, so use clear fonts that match the color  you’re using  for. Each text has specific style ,especially that we have different texts for may occasions

3. Print your custom t shirt:

Once you’re done  with your custom t shirt design, you can download. Next you should  choose your custom t shirt size, quantity, and order. Before your custom t shirt is done, you’ll get a sample showing you what it’ll look like .Once you complete your order, your t-shirts will be arriving  to you in few days!

Furthermore , if you want  to print design on a large number of custom t shirts, you may find Custom tee gift  can be cost-effective by offering 30% off . So, you willfind that you will pay $13 per custom t shirt and you will get professional design , high-quality, 100% cotton.

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