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How much does a personalized T- shirt cost

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Personalized T- Shirt Cost

The average cost per personalized shirt:

According the  market , the price of personalized T shirt may vary and it depends on material quality , size and color amount of customized text.

Based on research , we can state that the price of personalized T shirt Brands  make is between  $ 11.40 to $ 58 , but you still can search online for “personalized T shirt” or “personalized T shirt offers” and find many reasonable prices from online stores in USA where they can offer good quality of materials starting from $13.


Important things  you need to consider for personalized T shirt:


The type [fabric]

What your shirt is made will be a main reason of t shirt cost  . If you choose  a standard cotton tee, the price will be reasonable , especially when you order bulks of personalized T shirt .


if you choose  a premium  soft tri blend, the cost per personalized T shirt will raise . When it compares between  100% cotton or tri blend tee, so,  it depends on your budget whether you want to pay more for high quality cotton or not .


Personalized T shirt  Size

It might not be the first thing to come to mind, but sizing is also an important factor when figuring out the costs of your custom t-shirt order.

Normal  sizes X-XL are almost  the same price in different online store , but big  sizes 2XL and above could raise  the cost.

Larger garments need additional  material, so,  they may raise the price  than


Personalized T shirt  Quantity


Most of  online stores have one concept which is the more you buy, the more you’ll save cost. Bulk orders  is always good to save money , think about it if you shop from any store , you will find buy two and get the third shirt for free and so on..

Custom Tee gift is recently lunched its online store and you can find when you buy bulk of personalized t shirts you will save up to 30%


Printing Style

The price of personalized t shirts will change according to colors , number of texts on shirts


Also, we have  digital and screen printing. Screen printing is good  for large, simple personalized t shirts design that don’t require too much  details. Thus you buy bulk of personalized t shirts with good price in this one


On the other hand, digital printing is ideal for more intricate designs or orders of just a few shirts. Digital printed t-shirt orders are typically more collectively expensive due to their more detailed nature.


Name of the Brand

Name of the brand has a high impact on shirts price , like adidas you pay for high perceived value and good quality while you can buy personalized t shirts with 100%  cotton and custom your preferred text  from recent stores, such as


In the conclusion,

it depends on  brand, quality, price , and the power of buying items. You can search for well known brand if you are willing to pay , however , when it comes to average price , you can search online “printed t-shirt” and do not forget adds on , if you want  to  upgrade fast shipping or special shirt material , you may pay extra charges for these services from $5 to $15